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Thieves & Liars

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Anything

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No I didn’t Die………

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Anything

Just been having fun. I started to title this rant ” I hate people”. In general I do hate people. Not everybody…..just most. Why? Cause most people are fuckin stupid.

Look around. Everywhere is STUPID. Stupid is dangerous. Especially to the innocent sane folk.

The smartest man in the world once said and I quote…..” Smart people appear as crazy people to stupid people”

I was going to include a list of stupid people here that need to be shot but it would take too much time. Plus I wouldn’t get away with it. It would give guns another black eye. Already enuff black eyes.

One day soon I’m going to list the Top Ten People I would most like to blow their brains out. If I was 100% positive I wouldn’t go to jail it would already have happened.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New year. To the trolls fumigating “happy holidays”……..FUCK YOU!

To start the New year of right……fuck liberals, tiger and his ugly ass bitch, TGC & NBC, and a message to Dustin Johnson……”Are you aware of how ugly that skank bitch you are going to lose your fortune on is gonna look in a few years?” She already looks like a crack whore… dumbass.


stupid obama

Think you have problems?

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Golf

Na…….you don’t. This made me lose sleep. It pisses me off to know shit like this happens & then I flip on the news & have to listen to all the BS going on in Washington.

 Everybody needs to be MADE to watch a few of these videos to see just how fucked up Muslim extremist really are.

 And our so called President doesn’t want to use words like terror or terrorist. He wants to call the massacre at Ft. Hood “work place violence”………..bla……bla…………bla.

 What you must realize is they would do this to you & yours given the chance.

 If it were possible to gather all of these cocksuckers up & drop a Nuke on em……….I would sleep better…….

 I still can’t believe the leader of this bunch got life in prison. Especially when the ones that gave him life are just as bad.

 To make matters worse & to put things in perspective……….the fuckin LEFT & the race baiters are “worried about justice for that Martin kid.

 I happen to think he already got his justice.

 If you can’t watch this yer a pussy……….

After you click the link,check the “do not display message again” box……….then click “continue” button to view the carnage of these cocksuckers.

What’s the chance

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Golf

this stupid BITCH will take a stroll this evening for Skittles & Tea? Too bad the neighborhood watchman may be a little hesitant after the assault on self defense. But it wouldn’t bother Randall L if she walked in front of a car as she leaves the devils work shop one night.

There’s no way a stupid sign could be made large enuff for this big ass booty.

Just call me a creepy ass cracker. I don’t care.

I’m not racist. I have lots of black friends. I had rather hang around with them than a ton of a bunch of white crackers I know.

It’s those ‘other” stupid MF’ers that need to leave.

More from liberalism……..Herit-July17-Delay%20of%20Ocare20130717114054


Posted: July 15, 2013 in Politics

happened to self defense?

Nothing. Except the penis sucking leftist leaning racial bastards want to do away with SD if the receiver of the bullet happens to be unarmed & of COLOR.

I have a suggestion. The likes of the (non) reverend bro Al & bro Jesse & all of the other cry babies about Zimmerman’s verdict need to move to the south side of Chicago. Upon arrival. pull up a chair & grab a big doobie & microphone. Then spend some time reading this……
As far as I’m concerned all the ilk can go to Hell. Even the likes of A Dershowitz proclaimed way back this was nothing more than a case(by law) of SD.
Those naysayers lack any knowledge of the law, common sense, and are only using this case for political maneuvering & racial bias. Once again the stupid MF’rs all have their hands up.
The next time somebody has me down, banging my head on a sidewalk, and fucks up my nose……their a dead bitch. I don’t give a damn what color they are.


Yanni’s little brother?

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Anything

No….but they do favor. It’s the hair & that “don’t bend over look”.

This guy is just another SMOOTH con. And as is the case with sheep………it’s no problem to get a fairly substantial herd of SMF’ers.


Braco is his namo.  A Croatian new age mystic who promotes his “healing gaze”. He gazes at you, and heals all your ills. You can even buy a DVD of Braco gazing at the camera, and that will heal you too.

A quote from a reformed crackhead………

Braco’s magic is to charge his audience (a couple of hundred people) about $10 each to sit in a large theater and watch a woman prepare his entrance for 15 minutes or so. Next he entered the stage in spotlights, smiling and looking at people. He sat himself on a chair in the middle of the stage and stared at the audience for 5-10 minutes, he then got up and left the room without a word. After a short “debriefing”, the magic was over.

Several people are crying and many rush to the foyer to buy his $35 DVDs. The girl who sold them assured them (on TV) that the “magic powers” worked just as well from the DVD.

As you can guess, neither Braco nor anybody else in his organization offers any information about how or why Braco’s gaze might have physiological effects, but as a substitute, they’ve filled his website to the brim with a red herring to distract you from that: Gobs and gobs of quasi-spiritual new age nonsense.

So what shall we do with this gazer?

Idea. Don’t allow him to live long enuff to be a geezer. Lock him in solitary………….nothing but mirrors. Is it possible he could gaze at himself to the extent his head would explode? I doubt it. So we need to take one of his “gazing DVD’s & slingshot it up his butt hole.

The larger crime……..the SMF’ers attending & purchasing his non-sense. It’s impossible to gather a herd of this magnitude at the edge of a cliff & video the tumble. Just give em another cup of Kool-Aid & a one way ticket to Jonestown. Before landing shoot the aircraft down with one of Obama’s drones. Blame the mis-hap on the George Bush.